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Tackling drug supply awards 2009: case studies

The annual Tackling Drug Supply Awards (TDSA) were established to recognise outstanding drug enforcement operations across the United Kingdom. As a policy of robust enforcement comprises a significant component of the overall National Drug Strategy, tackling drug supply in all its various forms remains a high priority for the police and other law enforcement agencies.

That being said it has also been recognised that while some level of enforcement is important in constraining drug markets, in mature markets simple arrests and seizures ultimately make little impact the amount of drugs available on the street. The overall focus of recent drug strategies has been on reducing the harms that drugs cause to individuals and families, communities and institutions. Within the sphere of enforcement there has also been a shift; while the reduction of drug availability has remained the goal of supply-side activity, this is explicitly linked to harm reduction, and the national performance measure, community perceptions of drug nuisance, is a measure of social harm.

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Tackling drug supply awards 2009: case studies
Publication date 1st September 2009
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