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Submission to the road safety compliance consultation: drug driving

The proposals for drug driving outlined in the Department of Transport’s Road Safety Compliance Consultation (November 2008) are relevant to the Commission, which shares the Governments concerns about the risks to drivers, passengers and the wider public resulting from illegal drug consumption and indeed inappropriate use of other psychoactive substances.

  • We fully support the plans outlined in para 5.27 of the consultation document for improved detection, training, education and research. We believe there is good evidence to support their effectiveness which will probably represent value for money.
  • We urge the UK to become fully involved, albeit belatedly, as active partners in the European DRUID programme.
  • We conclude any proposals to introduce new legislation in the UK would be premature and the government should await the completion of the DRUID programme of research during 2010 and subsequent review of the lessons emerging from it.
  • Overall, we are not convinced from the evidence available that a proposed new offence of drug driving as outlined would help make the regulation of drug driving more effective, nor that it would be a proportionate and cost effective response.

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Submission to the road safety compliance consultation: drug driving
Publication date 27th February 2009
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