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Submission to the Home Affairs Committee cocaine trade inquiry

This submission raises a number of issues, focusing on evidence relating to the cocaine market.

We make a number of conclusions to address harms from recreational and problematic cocaine use and markets:

  • Social norms marketing pilots should be considered as part of a multi-component approach to increasing resilience to cocaine use among young people.
  • Problem cocaine users may require different or separate treatment pathways to heroin and crack cocaine users (who currently dominate treatment services) because of the different profiles of these two groups.
  • Unlike heroin and crack cocaine, there is little evidence to suggest a strong link with prolific, acquisitive crime.
  • In tackling the cocaine market, evidence suggests that “crackdowns” have little or no long term impact on street-level availability and can sometimes do more harm than good.
  • We urge the Committee to highlight the need for improved knowledge development and to recommend well-evaluated pilots for interventions where the evidence-base is promising but weak.

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Submission to the Home Affairs Committee cocaine trade inquiry
Publication date 22nd June 2009
Categories Impacts of DrugsLegal Controls
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