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Submission to DWP Green Paper: No One Written Off

The Green Paper proposals are based on a number of implicit assumptions which we  think it is important to analyse alongside the specific proposals. These are that:

  1. Identifying all PDUs within the benefits system will be beneficial;
  2. Benefit conditionality will exert an influence on PDUs and encourage them to enter and remain in treatment;
  3. Sufficient treatment and rehabilitation services are available, appropriately-oriented and of the necessary quality to support those steered in and there are effective partnerships in place to achieve the desired outcomes; and
  4. Employers are willing and able to provide employment.

This response focuses on testing these assumptions against the available evidence. Specific questions were included in the Green Paper and where appropriate we have also considered these within our response.

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Submission to DWP Green Paper: No One Written Off
Publication date 1st October 2007
Categories Employment and WelfareRecovery and Treatment
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