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Submission to the 2010 Drug Strategy Consultation

This is the UKDPC submission to the 2010 Drug Strategy consultation. It includes responses on broad questions of how the government can approach problems associated with the use of illicit drugs through the Strategy, as well as more detailed concerns.

The Drug Strategy should be visibly based on proven evidence of impact, effectiveness and value for money and contain a dedicated programme for developing the evidence and knowledge base, and should continue to address the major public health harms associated with certain types of drug use.

However, much of the drug strategy to date has not been based on adequate evaluation of impacts (as made clear in the recent NAO report “Tackling Problem Drug Use”) or value for money. There is a need for much more research and evaluation in the area of delivery of interventions. In a time of austerity investing such evidence is essential to ensure limited funds are invested wisely.

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Submission to the 2010 Drug Strategy Consultation
Publication date 1st September 2010
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