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Lessons on policy governance: what drug policy can learn from other policy areas

This briefing was commissioned as part of the UK Drug Policy Commission’s programme of research on drug policy governance to tap into the Institute for Government’s extensive expertise on policy governance generally.

Drug policy, although being particularly challenging in terms of its cross-cutting nature and the polarised nature of opinions on how it can best be tackled, is not unique. While the IfG has no views on drug policy, we feel that the lessons they have been able to draw out from their work on good governance generally adds considerable value to the research components more specific to drug policy

Jill Rutter directs the Institute for Government’s work on Better Policy Making; she was co-author of the IfG’s report on arm’s length bodies, Read Before Burning (July 2010).  Before joining IfG, Jill was Director of Strategy and Sustainable Development at Defra.  Prior to that she worked for BP for six years, following a career in the Treasury, where she was Press Secretary and Private Secretary to the Chief Secretary and Chancellor, as well as working on areas such as tax, local government finance and debt and export finance. She spent two and a half years seconded to the No.10 Policy Unit (1992-94).

The Institute for Government is an independent charity founded in 2008 to help make government more effective. The Institute works with all the main political parties in Westminster and with senior civil servants in Whitehall, providing evidence-based advice that draws on best practice from around the world.

The overview and background reports for the research are available below:

How to make drug policy better: key findings from UKDPC research into drug policy governance

Characteristics of good governance: findings from an expert consultation

Essays on the governance of drug policy

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Lessons on policy governance: what drug policy can learn from other policy areas
Publication date 20th December 2012
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