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Attitudes to drug dependence: survey results

As part of a wider programme of research, UKDPC set out to examine some of the barriers to recovery for people who have experienced drug addiction or dependency, including the attitudes and behaviours of the wider public. Stigma is widely believed to present a ‘hidden’ barrier that many people with drug problems and their families experience.

UKDPC therefore commissioned a survey of public attitudes, as part of a research programme to investigate the extent and nature of stigma and unfair behaviour towards people with a history of drug dependence and their families and the impact this has on their lives. The Attitudes to Drug Dependency (ADD) survey was conducted in April and May 2010 as part of TNS-BMRB’s Face-to-Face Omnibus Survey and 2,945 adults (aged 16+) took part from across the UK. The questionnaire was based on that used in the Department of Health-funded Attitudes to Mental Illness (AMI) survey and comparisons are made with the results from the 2010 AMI survey.

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Attitudes to drug dependence: survey results
Publication date 16th December 2010
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